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InstoneMOBILE - Web App that does it all

InstoneMOBILE has all of the features you need to build and manage a great mobile web app. With state of the art, yet simple, familiar web-based tools - no programming or HTML are needed. Create pages using text, images, links, and even video. Events, Calendars, Photo Galleries and maps are a snap. Want to collect information, offer private members-only sections, or view your website's traffic statistics We can do it all.

Here are some of the features you will find inside our mobile web apps

Cross-platform implementation

For platform-independent mobile websites, you only need an HTML5-compatible portable device (Android, Blackberry, Galaxy Tab, iPad, iPhone, Win7 mobiles etc.)


Simple Management

Create pages, add and edit content, and build your mobile experience with easy-to-use tools. Use your mobile phone, a pad or a computer to update and modify content. Organize menu items, sort, or hide pages with a click. Choose icons for your menu items or use the default. Your options are endless.


Look and Feel

Upload your own masthead for your home page. Create different headers for each page. Design icons for your tabs. Add a splash screen for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users.


Offline Version

Enabling offline support on your mobile website lets your visitors see your content when they're offline once it's downloaded to their mobile device.


Turn features on and off

You are in control to turn features and pages on and off. If you are you working on a new page and not ready to display it, no problem, mark it offline. It is a snap if you want your Mobile App to work offline without the users having WIFI or other internet connection.


Get Realtime Statistics

In realtime, watch data about your visitors, page landings and trends in realtime. The more info you know, the more productive you will be!


Create, upload an Icon

Create Icon for your mobile web app so when added to home screen it can be saved using the custom icon you created.


Upload photos and create a Gallery

You can upload photos, one at a time or an entire gallery worth. Create your own gallery and add photos as often as you like.


Zoom, pinch, slide and restore

Out Mobile Web App is designed to fit on your screen so you don't have to zoom in and out. Under the photo gallery we added a feature so that you can zoom in for a bigger and better view of any photo.


Video and YouTube*

Impress and dazzle your users with your own video embedded into your Mobile App. We made this easy and simple. Upload your video and an optional picture or reference a YouTube video and play it full screen.

* Some mobile phones don't support video playback


List and Search information

We can custom develop pages to connect to your database, display products, events, news or other itemized listing. We can add search capability to narrow listing or add categories to make selection simpler.


Member Only Section

We provide you with the ability restrict a page with custom permissions allowing you to create members-only content or even an entire web app for internal members or employee use only.


Rock Solid Hosting

We partnered with the best hosting company in the industry to bring you outstanding performance and reliability. 100% of the energy used to power the datacenter, our websites and mobile web apps come from Wind Energy (via Renewable Energy Credits), making our hosting Green.


You need Help?

We understand that even with all the tools provided certain things are just not easy to accomplish. We are here to help and we have staff available to make change on request. Just send us the information and we will update your site.